American Girl Unveils Truly Me™ Doll Line

Today American Girl rebranded My American Girl to Truly Me™.    Along with a new style outfit  each Truly Me™ doll now comes with a Me-and-My Doll Activity Set, featuring over four dozen creative ideas for girls to do with their dolls, and an all-new Truly Me digital play experience that’s free and accessible to […] Continue reading →

Sophias on Zulily

Sophias on Zulily  Head on over to Zulily  to save on Sophia’s Heritage Doll Collection items  You will find 18″ dolls and lots of accessories! Other Zulily sales today include: Doll Concession stand for $39.99 Bathtub $18.99 Dolls for $47.99 Outfits for $11.99-$14.99 Lemonade set $.99 Head over to Zulily to check out all the awesome deals. Continue reading →

Grace Thomas GOTY 2015 Ebay Auctions

Grace Thomas GOTY 2015 Ebay Auctions I just had to have a good laugh when I pulled up ebay auctions for Grace. Some auctions are running as high as $250 for the basic doll that would cost you $120. Grace’s total price when all “dolled” does break down to almost that however: Basic Grace Doll – $120 Grace’s Welcomes Gifts – […] Continue reading →