American Girl® Doll’s Girl Of The Year 2014 – Isabelle Palmer Ballerina

American Girl® Doll’s Girl Of The Year 2014 will be Isabelle Palmer an aspiring dancer.

She has blonde hair with a pink hair piece and hazel eyes. Isabelle will feature 3 books. Like Saige and Mckenna she will also have a movie.

Isabelle loves to design dance costumes in her spare time. After starting a new school she struggles with doubt in herself and her dance abilities.

According to pictures from the new catalog she will have a pet cat and an amoire that will sell for $275. The armoire will include a sewing machine and about 20 other items. There is a dance bar and she will have some mix and match outfits.

Based on pictures in the catalog she will have a round dance case. Marisol had a similiar dance trunk filled with costumes.

The starter collection priced at $259 will have Isabelle, her 3 books, accessories, dance case, purple leotard and dance skirt, legwarmers and a wrap sweater.

Here are a few photos from the catalog.



Please note I have no affiliation with American Girl and all information is purely speculation and internet chatter at this point. January 1st the GOTY 2014 will be officially revealed. So join in on the special premiere events at one of your local stores to be the first to see everything in person!

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5 thoughts on “American Girl® Doll’s Girl Of The Year 2014 – Isabelle Palmer Ballerina

  1. OMG! This is basically me!!! <3 I

  2. Isabelle is so beautiful

  3. My daughters both had a few American Girl Dolls! They are now 16 and 17 yrs.old. The funny thing is my daughter’s name is Isabelle Palmer!! 🙂

  4. I love American Girl doll Isabelle!! shes so beautiful and unique with her pink hair piece and her georgous hazel eyes and her think long blond hair shes so fun to play with and her mix and match collection is so amazing i absolutly love this doll and i got her as soon as she came out!!!

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